What do the images on your website and promotional material say about you?

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The majority of clients searching for a specific business, product, or service provider will automatically search the internet, before they ever make contact with you.

What draws you to choosing a specific business or service provider when you do a web search – try it? (But remember to come straight back)

Ok so what did you search for?

How many websites did you look at before you were happy with what you saw?

Which site grabbed your attention?

So now ask yourself what it was about that particular website that grabbed your attention and drew you to it?

Like you, I need a website that gives me the answers to my questions easily, without having to fight my way around the site. I need images that grab my attention and show me exactly what I’m searching for. I don’t want to have to read loads of text – boring. I want what I’m looking for to jump off the page at me.

So, what does your website and your promotional material say about you and your business?

Do you have images showing your business logo? Are there images of your products, offices, or treatment rooms on your website? If the answer is yes, are your images clear, in focus and personal to your business?

Have you ever had that feeling of de ja vu when looking at images on a website?

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While “stock” images have their place, you are far better investing in professional images of your own. I don’t just mean images of your office, shop, or place of business – while these are all really very important, you also need to think about the people in your business. The people that your clients see, the faces of your business.

You need to show that you are friendly, approachable, and have nothing to hide. It also helps clients relax, and you will find them to be friendlier when they know who they are talking too within your business. There really are lots of things to think about including images of you and your staff.

You are your business. Your business is personal to you and so should the images that you use to promote your business. A picture is worth a thousand words, so let your pictures speak for themselves.

By Mandy Woolford

John Rose Photography

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